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The Day Light Savings Crock

It is Daylight savings time again. I am now thinking, “who is the genius that decided this was a good idea?” Come on, all we have to do is adjust the time we have. If it is too dark at 2 am to play a soccer game, wait till the sun comes up. We do that already. Do we really need to hold hands and move our clocks in unison in a kind of time worship to get up one hour earlier and go to bed the same? How hard would it be to say, ” you know, it’s spring now, let’s change the time of our meeting?” Instead, we force all people everywhere to “Spring Forward.” That is what we get for succumbing to the arbitrary in the first place.

For those suffering from Psychotic Dis-punctuality Disorder, those poor souls who just can not be on time, who are challenged by time and who challenge those who love them. Those who will be late for the rapture, their own funerals, were born after their due date, were late for their wedding, cycle randomly, who walk into a room full of people shocked that the seats are all gone, who have never had a good seat at a child’s event, who make people wait for them for every meeting, and interpret angry glares from others who have stood around with nothing to do for 30 minutes as an unjustified demonic spirit, will wake up every spring with a new challenge. A whole hour stole from them. It just should not be.

It is time to rise up. Daylight savings time is a crock. Just stop the madness. If kids need to go to school in the daylight, change the school time. If we need more light in the evening, change the time. All of those running habitually five to ten minutes behind do not need a penalty hour every spring. The hour they get back in fall just makes it worse. The sun comes up, and it goes down, deal with it.


Here is a movie trailer about just such things.

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