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Aren’t Nails Enough?

Nails, at least three, brutally piercing the Son of God, securing him to a cross, until He died.


Social Media is trying to minister to me.

I saw a picture about why pastors should not go to sporting events.  A very funny list. credited to Chris Hall, redirecting the excuses people give for for quitting church to sports in general.

 An amazing blog posts by Thom Rainer about six things that are making it hard to grow a Church these days.(His Blog here)

  And a blog post by Joe McKeever entitled 59 things not to say to a preacher. (His Blog Here) I watched him write this on Facebook, since I follow him.  I did not contribute but it has gone a little viral.

Why pastor’s should not attend sporting events struck a cord for me because I have heard everyone of those excuses directed at the Church.  No surprise, that was the point.  Of the 59 I certainly had not heard all of them but the ones I had heard stung.



It makes me ask the question, why aren’t nails enough?

I am a real nerd, a card carrying licensed Ham radio operator.  I am also the youngest person in my Ham club.  That means I get asked to climb stuff.  I don’t mind, even like it.  The guys are either smart enough to stay off towers and such or their wives are thinking for them.  I have been on one roof more than all the others.  In the beginning it was to retrieve, repair and reinstall a weather station.  Then I uninstalled and reinstalled a large beam antenna.  It was kind of a big deal.  He gave me his old one, it is perched on my roof and very useful.  He still sheepishly asks me, each and every time, as if it is an imposition, to climb back on his roof to fix the antenna or mess with the weather station.  I am happy to comply as it fits my schedule.  He often offers to buy my lunch, I refuse, the antenna he gave me may be old news to him but it is very valuable to me.  I consider myself in his debt.

Death: Eternal separation from God, from life.

Now, I ask again, are nails not enough?   Jesus did the impossible for us.  “The wages of sin is death.”  We sinned, we die, He fixed it.  Everything else is gravy.  Peppered, sausage gravy on a plate sized buttered biscuit.  I mean anything else, after the forgiveness for death guaranteeing sin, is bonus.  He did in fact die for us.  We seem to need more than hours of agonizing death and sin forgiving sacrifice. We need freedom, prosperity, care, and happiness.  We need music we like, a comfy temp, a comprehensive plan for my life that is easy and delivered in 30 minutes or less, and somebody else doing the work.   All while we watch as if we bought tickets to a game that our team is loosing.  We did not buy the tickets, they were purchased with nails and He is not loosing.

We need to care for each other.  Over Sites should be pointed out and humbly repaired.  Bailing on the church or the ministry God gave you is stupid, idiotic, selfish, and sinful.  It denies the worth of the nails. We need to take a moment and meditate on what nails have already done for us, we will rediscover that we are in His debt.  And yet He is gracious, and merciful, and promises us real life in return.  There is gravy to be had, abundant life gravy.

Nails are enough.


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